Canadian wins Classic

Finalists in the 33rd annual Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championship Trials took the field Sunday. DALE HALLEBACH PHOTO

Top honors this year go to Scott Glen and 4-year-old dog Taff from New Dayton, AB Canada.

This years 2019 Meeker Sheep dog trials bared the storm on the championship run day. Despite the storm the final top twelve competitors took center field at the award ceremony Sunday evening. The bleachers were filled each day, including the extra day. Saturday called in enough spectators to have a packed house, many of those who were new visitors experiencing their first Meeker Classic. Sunday had a big crowd all patiently waiting for the final runs and results. Around 1 o’clock, a wind storm took the sky and forced the spectators to clear the bleachers and tents for about an hour. After the weather passed the sun took back in the sky and the bleachers refilled.
The reserve Champion of the trials was Dennis Edwards and Roy from Sundance, Wyoming. Roy is a 7 year old male Border Collie with fantastic listening skills that lead him to second place with a 107 point run. Dennis won the 2017 Meeker Classic and has been Reserve Champion a few times in the past. He is a great handler on the point that he had two dogs place in the top twelve qualifying dogs this year.
This years Champion was Scott Glen and Taff from New Dayton, AB Canada. Taff is a young 4 year old male. Scott won the Meeker Classic in 2005 and has had several dogs in the championship run in previous years. Scott has also won the USBCHA National Finals and the Canadian Finals with his dogs, he is a great handler.
The Meeker Classic 2019 was judged by Andrew Dickman from Oxton Lauder, Scotland. He previously judged the Meeker Classic back in 2012. Although the meeker classic ended Sunday, Andrew isn’t done, he is heading off to Carbondale to judge the 2019 USBCHA National Finals this week. Where the top twelve dogs will follow him to compete as well.
“It was a great trial and the handlers love Meeker. It feels like home to them and they credit the many volunteers and towns people and businesses that welcome them with warm friendly smiles. We are told numerous times how much they love the community of Meeker,” said Maym Cunningham, the Meeker Classic coordinator.
The Meeker Sheep dog trials always radiates across the Meeker community. Brining new faces to shop locally and learn about our one light town. A great opportunity to gather around and watch some of the top dogs in North America Compete against one another and take on some tough range sheep. Until next year Meeker Classic.