Clerk and Recorder news update: December 13, 2018

RBC | The Secretary of State has officially certified the 2018 General Election this week so it is officially “put to bed” as they say.  The Clerk’s office has been very busy wrapping up the details of the November election.

Rio Blanco County has 4,680 total registered voters. Ballots are not sent automatically to inactive voters, but any inactive voter can come in the office, complete a form, receive a ballot and their registration will then be active.

Ballots were sent to the 4018 active voters.  We had a total of 3143 ballots cast.  That put us at a 78.2 percent return. Thank you to all voters for the great turnout. A spreadsheet showing the voter turnout and votes cast by precinct is available  at no charge by contacting my office.

The clerk’s office has welcomed a new motor vehicle clerk and assistant. Lela Ashcraft joined the office Dec. 3.  She’s the new smiley face you’ll see when you come in for your vehicle transactions. 

I’ll also be hiring a new recording and elections clerk assistant this week.  I’ll introduce her in the next update.  The office is humming along and all is well.

We will be closed on Christmas day, but open every other day this month.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the office at 970-878-9460.

By BOOTS CAMPBELL  | Special to the Herald Times