Club preps for feeder show

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MEEKER — Recently the White River Swine Club held a meeting. The group elected officers: president Marki Cook, vice president Meg Neislanik, secretary Denee Chintala, treasurer Morgan Neilson and reporter Nate Walsh.
The council reps are Taylor Neilson and Taylor Morris. Our pledge leaders are Casey Turner, Justin Lawsen and Meg Smith.
The feeder show will be on May 12. In order to get two meetings for the feeder show, participants must participate in the showmanship demonstration.
Also discussed at the meeting were the community pride projects. The club will be doing the usual highway clean-up on Piceance Creek and members plan to do the pig raffle again this year. The money earned mostly goes to our scholarship fund.
Finally, club members discussed a disease in pigs called cerco. It is very important that each club member’s pig get a cerco vaccination when a pig is purchased.