Clymer invention sells

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GRAND JUNCTION I Joy Clymer finally received a check Oct. 15, after five years of commitment and hard work, from the company now selling her idea for a party tray that neatly carries deviled eggs.
Clymer received her royalty check from George Davison, owner of Davison, a company that takes patents and inventions to corporations for licensing and sales.
Clymer, a few friends, and a Davison film crew were atop the Colorado National Monument to present the check. It was inside one of the Party To Go trays wrapped in tissue paper.
“I had no idea what it was going to be but it was equivalent to what I make in about a year,” Clymer said. She is the owner of a medical transcription business which she operates from home.
Clymer said she cried a little bit when she received the check. “It was a total shock. I’m still totally shocked. I had no idea it was going to be that much,” she said.
The money was her cut from the first quarter of sales running May to August. The Party To Go tray was the featured product for a day in June on QVC. The trays were available for 24 hours and sold more than 25,000.
The crew returned to Clymer’s house in Fruita where they continued to film for a video for
Clymer anticipates the future sales of the product to continue to do well. She said the trays are going to be sold by Avon Canada very soon and other companies have expressed interest in distribution. She hopes her trays are available on the store shelves in the near future.
Clymer said although she’s happy for the money it won’t really change her lifestyle. “I’m still buying generic ketchup and I’m still going to drive my old truck until it hits 300,000 miles,” she said. Clymer added that if anything the money may provide a way for her to retire early.
Clymer is an American success story but she feels that others could do the same. “I would encourage anybody who has an idea to pursue it. You have to be brave and just try,” she said.

Editor’s note: Joy Clymer is from the Meeker area.