Coal Creek School mysteries you could help solve

The Coal Creek School, pictured here prior to the renovation and restoration work which has been done, still has some mysteries to be solved. courtesy photo

MEEKER | Coal Creek School is celebrating its restoration on Sept. 23 but needs help with some mysteries about the Coal Creek School. We have little or no official documents, newspaper articles or dated pictures that give us information about:
1. When the stucco was actually put on the school and why it was added? Estimated to be in the 1920s.
2. When was the belfry and bell taken off the building and why? Estimated to be after 1948.
3. When and how did the bell get cracked?
4. What happened to the curved front window after the school closed in 1948? We believe the top half was still there when the school closed in 1948.
5. What was the history of the school and how was it used from 1948 until we started restoration in 2013? Official deeds shows the Meeker School District No. 1 of Rio Blanco County owned it from 1948–1957. The Coal Creek Community Association owned it from 1957-1987 and Rio Blanco County Commissioners have owned it on behalf of the Rio Blanco County Historical Society from 1987 to the present day.
It is our goal to show how rural schools were important to each community not only as schools but as community centers, polling places or even residences after a school closed. Anyone with dated pictures, newspaper articles or official documents as well as personal knowledge of the above Coal Creek School events or any other Rio Blanco County rural school please contact a Rural School Project team member. We will also be at the Sheepdog Trials selling root beer floats on Sept. 8 and 9 and at the Coal Creek School Celebration on Sept. 23. Stop by to talk about Rio Blanco County rural schools or share your information with us. Marge Rogers, 878-4752; Ellen Reichert, 878-5678; Martha Cole, 878-5326; Janet Clark, 878-4628.