Colflesh named employee of the year by state association of conservation districts

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RBC | Within 14 months of joining the White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts as the district manager, Chris Colflesh earned state recognition at the Colorado Association of Conservation Districts (CACD) annual meeting in November 2016. Colflesh was recognized for his hard work, dedication and diligent research.
Colflesh played an instrumental role in the development of the Land and Natural Resource Plan and Policies document, a joint project between the districts and Rio Blanco County. The Land Use Plan establishes a mechanism for local land owner input into future federal land management agencies’ planning. Colflesh took initiative to become highly engaged, asked valuable questions and could see what needed to be done next to ensure the process was followed to develop a quality product completed within the guidelines of state statute.
“Chris is first and foremost a real problem solver. That makes him a great organizer, researcher, coordinator and asset to our districts,” said district executive director Callie Hendrickson.
Additionally, Colflesh has coordinated workshops, the districts’ biennial natural resource tour for 50 people, two input sessions for the districts’ long range planning process and annual meetings for both districts and many other projects. He does an excellent job of the necessary administrative duties for the district including the bookkeeping and required state reporting.