Commissioners amend agreements

RBC | On Monday the Rio Blanco County Commissioners approved discounted pricing exceptions with Cimmaron Telecommunications. The discounts are to provide free internet access for White River Village, The Pines, events in front of the courthouse and fairgrounds.

They amended their agreement with the White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts for the White River Algae study project. The districts needed a letter explaining the county’s funding for the project to allow the district to seek more grant funds for the study.

The commissioners renewed ambulance service licenses with Rangely and Meeker and established the distribution of Title I Federal Forest Reserve Fund Money for the Secure Rural Schools money the county has received. The money must be divided between the Road and Bridge Department and the three county school districts (a small portion follows Oak Creek students who live in Rio Blanco). The total amount is just under $300,000. Fifty percent will be split between the schools and road and bridge, with the school’s portion being determined by student count. The other half must be agreed on by the commissioners and school districts. It’s estimated that the Meeker Schools will get around $100,000 and the Rangely School District will receive around $70,000.

During commissioner updates Jeff Rector discussed attending the Colorado Republican State Assembly and was happy to see that gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton made the ballot.

Si Woodruff said he attended Colorado Commissioners Incorporated (CCI) where they discussed prisoners receiving Medicaid and when that coverage should begin.

Chairman Shawn Bolton said he also attended CCI where they discussed prisoner treatment. CCI is supporting bill that would allow inmates to choose to participate in work release programs while awaiting trial. Currently a prisoner waiting for trial cannot do any work release. Bolton is also working with the National Association of Counties on oil and gas funds who are working to change the way funds are allocated eliminating the state as a pass through and allowing the money to go directly to the county of origin without triggering any PILT offset.

All three commissioners discussed their work towards establishing “burn zone” agreements which would allow public lands that experience natural source fire to securely burn.