Conservancy district adopts new rates

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The Rio Blanco Water Conservancy District board in Rangely made changes to boating and camping rules official in a recent public meeting.
Members of the public had voiced concerns with the camping rates and regulations. After hearing discussion, the board reached the decision to keep their proposed changed rate of $8 per day per site with a maximum stay of 14 days in a 21-day period and requiring campers to remove their camp entirely after the 14-day period.
The board did offer a senior rate of $5 per day per site but no in-district camping rate. The boating rates are also $5 per day in-district and $7 per day for out-of-district users. There is a $40 annual pass available for in-district boaters.
The board also discussed the new camp sites under construction and appropriate signs for the areas. The campgrounds are still closed but expect to open within the next couple weeks. The boat ramp and picnic area is open now. However, with spring runoff expected to be big, boating can be dangerous with heavy debris. Please use caution.