Contractor ready to begin work on Ute Road Project

MEEKER I Martinez Western Constructors, the contractor awarded the bid for the Ute Road Project, are days away from beginning the project.
The project includes constructing a traffic circle, new street to the new elementary school and constructing an eight-feet-wide trail sidewalk system along the west side of Sulphur Creek Road from Garfield Street to Shults Drive and all the way down the new Ute Road.
The first phase of the project will be to construct the traffic circle located at the intersection of the Sulphur Creek Road and the new Ute Road. This phase of the project is estimated to take about 60 days. Beginning May 3, Sulphur Creek Road will be closed from Garfield Street to Shults Drive to all traffic, including vehicles, pedestrians and bikers, for safety reasons, due to the amount of construction equipment and activity in that area. There are two exceptions, those traveling to the homes located along Sulphur Creek in the closure area and the Rio Blanco County Road and Bridge Department employees and visitors. The police department and construction firm will enforce the closure.
To travel to the recreation district, ball fields and fairgrounds, take Third or Sixth streets to Sanderson Drive, then Shults Drive and make a right turn on Sulphur Creek south to the existing street to the recreation district, ball fields and Fairgrounds.
As soon as the traffic circle is completed, Sulphur Creek Road will be reopened.
The town has also hired contractors to paint the other two above ground water tanks and to repave a large portion of the older streets in Sanderson Hills Subdivision. Those projects have not yet been scheduled.
More information is available by calling Town Administrator Sharon Day at 878-4960.