Correction: Past Quigg Newton award winners omitted in story

MEEKER I In a story May 21 about the Meeker High School (MHS) Awards Assembly, we mentioned that Brittany Smith and Joe Newman were this year’s Quigg Newton Award winners, chosen by the high school staff as the senior girl and boy who best displayed honesty, respect for others, cooperation with fellow students and adults, good attitude toward work and activity assignments, willingness to accept and carry out responsibilities and efforts to improve themselves and the school.

Newton, a native Denver lawyer, was a progressive Denver mayor from 1947 through 1955 and served as the president of the University of Colorado system from 1956 to 1963.
Diane Franklin Dunham and Forrest Nelson were the first recipients when MHS began giving the awards in 1960. We reported that other winners over the years who are still apparent in the community include Smith’s father, Davey Smith, Amy Joy Chinn, Kathleen Sullivan Kelley, Bailey Franklin, Katie Conrado and Kelly Moyer Scott. The additional winners were Kay Barney Bivens, Sue Anne Romersberger Sprod, Leslie Sorenson, Laurie Whiteman Simonsen and Stacey Whitaker Burke.