– The Aug. 17 “Rangely RDC approves museum funding for repository” article on Page 7A stated, “Rangely Chamber of Commerce Director Konnie Billgren expressed concerns that local oil and gas companies would be unhappy with the further development of archaeological resources in the area.” Billgren actually stated the proposed project “could impact them (oil and gas),” not that they would be unhappy with it.
– In the Aug. 10 Page 1A photo caption for Macy Collins’ grand championship trifecta at the 2017 RBC Fair, the caption should have read “beef, goat and sheep,” not “steer, goat and sheep,” as Collins’ won with a heifer, not a steer.
– In the Aug. 10 article about Connie Theos, it should be noted that Anthony Theos, Connie’s first cousin once removed, also held the title of Colorado Wool Grower of the Year at one time.
– In the Page 11A fair results Aug. 17, Macy Collins’ name was inadvertently cut off the top of the list as the market beef overall grand champion.
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