County approves new pipeline

RBC I A special use permit for the construction and operation of a new pipeline, submitted by Enterprise Gas Processing, LLC, was approved by Rio Blanco County Commissioners.
Construction of the 20.8 mile, 36-inch steel pipeline is expected to begin this summer.
Since more than half (11.4 miles) of the steel pipe will be on Bureau of Land Management land. An environmental assessment was completed and its approval and the issuance of the right-of-way is expected in June.
The proposed pipeline will tie into the Piceance Creek pipeline in Garfield County and end at the Greasewood Hub in Rio Blanco County.
RBC planning director Jeff Madison reviewed a staff report with commissioners, which in part read, “a peak workforce of approximately 200-350 persons with a commitment from Enterprise in their application that the majority will be transported to Meeker or Rangely for housing. Parking will be at the previously established park and ride facilities near Meeker and Rangely. The pipe is being stockpiled at the existing pipe yard near Rio Blanco Lake.”
According to the staff report, “construction will begin in July 2011, as soon as weather conditions and timing limitations permit and continue for up to five months.”
The RBC planning commission discussed the application in a May 12 meeting, where no major issues were identified.
The planning commission unanimously approved the application to include 15 conditions.
In other business, the commissioners accepted a bid from Coulter Aviation to aerial spray for mosquitoes and agricultural pests, as well as bids from Rocky Mountain Weed Management and Elder Weed Spraying for ground spraying of weeds.