County Beat: House Rep. Will visits commissioners

Perry Will
HT File Photo

RBC | Colorado House District 57 Rep. Perry Will was in Meeker Tuesday for the regular Board of County Commissioner meeting. Will, appointed to the office in early 2019 to replace Bob Rankin, who was appointed to the Colorado Senate following the resignation of Randy Baumgardner.

As the legislative session gears up to begin again, Will said he’s looking forward to the session.

“I do feel like I’m a voice and can say the stuff that needs to be said. I may get outvoted, but it’s still getting said.”

Students planning to participate in the Galapagos Islands educational trip shared why they’re looking forward to the June excursion and asked if there were any ways they could raise funding. They left the meeting with almost $1,000 in promised personal donations from the commissioners, the county attorney and commissioner candidate Mona Avey. The group has raised $15,000 of the $56,000 it needs to take 10 students to Galapagos in June.

The county has been footing the bill for broken and damaged conduit and fiber repairs for broadband customers, but a spike in the number of required repairs has prompted Communications Director Cody Crooks to suggest a change. Fourteen addresses have needed repairs in the last two months. County technicians have visited one location three times due to a dog damaging the fiber.

“We have a lot of operating costs that are due to animals,” Crooks said.

The board will need to review the plan and approve it by resolution. Until then, the county will continue to cover the costs.

By Niki Turner |