COUNTY BEAT: Recall election set for May 10

The decision whether sitting Rio Blanco County Commissioner Gary Moyer will complete his term in office will go before the voters on May 10, 2022. 

Delayed by a lawsuit filed by Moyer’s son-in-law, Matt Scott, against RBC Clerk and Recorder Boots Campbell last fall after the second round of recall petitions, the recall election has to be scheduled within statute-defined timelines ahead of the primary and general elections in June and November.

Recall ballots will be mailed to active, registered RBC voters in mid-April. Voter Service and Polling Centers will be open beginning May 2 for in-person voting or to drop off ballots. 

The recall ballot will first ask voters if Moyer should be recalled based on the same grounds listed on the recall petitions. Moyer will have 300 words or less to counter the grounds for recall. 

The second question on the recall ballot, for those who vote in favor of the recall, will be to choose a successor candidate to complete Moyer’s term, which ends in January 2023. 

As of press time, two candidates were collecting the necessary signatures to be named on the recall ballot as successors: Todd Shults and Terry Smalec. Successor candidates need 146 signatures on their petitions. 

Two other candidates, Vincent Wilczek of Rangely and Doug Overton of Meeker, have registered with the Colorado Secretary of State to vie for the District 1 Commissioner seat currently held by Moyer. 

Commissioner Jeff Rector, District 2, has publicly announced his intention to resign, but has not given a specific date for his resignation to be effective. Once a date is set, the county GOP’s vacancy committee will have 10 days to appoint a replacement to finish Rector’s term. Rector was elected to a second term in 2020.