County Beat: September 20, 2018

RBC | Support for Blueprint 2.0 and Trade Zone

The commissioners agreed to send a letter to the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trades supporting the Colorado Blueprint 2.0 Program. They believe the program is focused on supporting rural communities

They also approved a letter to the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce supporting their attempt at securing a Foreign Trade Zone in Western Colorado.

Fiber Update

County Communications Director Cody Crooks told the commissioners that the fiber project experienced a setback with CDOT right-away permits. The initial permits only covered the main line and the permits will need to be resubmitted before more lateral drops outside of Meeker and Rangely can be completed. Crooks said CDOT will try to fast track the permits which can sometimes take 3-6 months.

Locations for secondary towers were discussed with Crooks saying placing a tower near Commissioner Rector’s property is a priority, as it will serve homes down river. Crooks said they aren’t going to be placing towers in locations that will only serve one or two locations as it isn’t economically feasible. He added that his current plan for towers will cover the majority of county citizens.

Crooks said that they have three potential service providers to replace LAI and he will be meeting with them soon.


The contract with Phil Vaughan Construction Management Inc. for planning consultation was increased by $7,000 for additional projects.

Commissioner Updates

Commissioner Si Woodruff recently attended a meeting with Scott Tipton and Cory Gardner to discuss the Jordan Cove Liquid Natural Gas project. Woodruff expressed confidence that the project will move forward. He also said he toured the potential Wolf Creek Dam site.

Other Business

Commissioner Jeff Rector met this week with a group of college students and discussed Blueprint 2.0 and its potential in Rio Blanco. He said that his long-term goal is to sustain a population of 4,000-5,000 people on each end of the county.

Commissioner Shawn Bolton was not in attendance.


By Jen Hill |