County Beat: September 27, 2018


“I’d be completely transparent with you guys. That’s the important thing,” said Jared Harvey of Homestead Fiber Communications during a work session with commissioners Monday. Harvey is one of two companies seeking LAI’s soon-to-be vacated position as broadband retailer.

Visionary, a division of Mammoth, will present at the next meeting and the commissioners will then decide between the two companies.


In a following work session, County Surveyor Leif Joy and Road and Bridge Director Dave Morlan discussed the possibility of buying survey equipment so they can complete design work in-house. Joy ballparked the price of the equipment at $35,000 with potential savings of $50-60,000 per design. The commissioners agreed to purchase the equipment in 2019. Morlan stated the equipment will allow for huge cost savings when the county pulls the trigger on replacing rusted girders in 22 cattle “underpasses” in Piceance Creek.


The commissioners unanimously passed a resolution opposing Proposition 112, which would mandate 2,500 foot setbacks from “vulnerable” areas for all new oil, gas and fracking projects on state and private land. Commissioner Shawn Bolton said, “I see this as the taking of private property rights … if this thing passes that same group will be after federal land next.”


Commissioners unanimously approved the 2019 CHP county health pool insurance rates.

Morlan assured commissioners increases to two projects were nothing to worry about as both are “still way under budget.” The commissioners unanimously voted for both increases—one for Schofield Excavation’s Bachmann Pit Crushing Project in the amount of $50,050 and the other a $24,430.50 increase and extended completion date from Sept. 15 to Nov. 14 for Moody Construction’s Wray Gulch Landfill Cell A Construction.

Rangely Insurance Group submitted the sole bid for aviation insurance and will provide coverage for both Meeker and Rangely airports in 2019.

The board unanimously approved a limited impact review and land use change for Skyway Towers to construct a 200 foot guyed telecommunications tower anchored by T-Mobile. Proposed placement is near County Road 103 outside of Rangely on Cathedral Bluffs.


Jeff Rector toured the Wolf Creek Dam site.

Si Woodruff attended an AGNC meeting and a rivershed workshop.

Shawn Bolton dispelled rumors about the potential closing of the Radino center in Rangely. “Closing Radino has never once been a topic of discussion,” he said