County COVID cases trending downward

RBC | In good news, and following the same pattern recognized nationwide, COVID-19 case counts locally are starting to drop. They may drop far enough that RBC can apply to move from Level Yellow to Level Blue on the state’s COVID dial this week.

“The trajectory appears to be moving in a good direction,” RBC Public Health Director Alice Harvey said Monday.

According to the county’s COVID dashboard Tuesday, there have been 44 new cases in the last 14 days, with one hospitalization.

Meeker School Superintendent Chris Selle said the district is also seeing cases “trending in the right direction,” and thanked Harvey and her staff for their help keeping the schools open.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has notified the county that the new variant strains are appearing in both Meeker and Rangely.

Harvey did say the county has had its first case of reinfection with COVID-19 according to the definition from the Centers for Disease Control, which indicates a reinfection if 90 days or more have passed since the initial positive test, and the patient presents with symptoms. This individual was symptomatic both times. “We are just now passing our first 90 days from the first big community spike we saw in November,” Harvey said.

Public health has also been notified that there are variant strains of COVID present in the county in both Meeker and Rangely.

Antibody tests are available at public health, but Harvey said the hospitals have “better tests.” Once a person has been vaccinated, they should have a positive antibody test.


Public health will continue to offer weekly vaccine clinics for anyone who wants their first dose, or booster shot. “We haven’t been having to turn anyone away and our hospitals are also offering clinics,” Harvey said.

For current clinic schedules, please see the ad below.

Individuals not currently eligible for vaccination can fill out the online interest form on the county’s website to be added to the interest list ( Those individuals may be contacted if there are doses left that need to be used at the end of a vaccine clinic.

Public Health is also reaching out to individuals with mobility issues and the homebound who may not be able to make it to a drive-thru clinic or can’t stand in line. That information can be added to the online interest form or email public health directly at