County fair open class judging begins today

RBC — Throughout the county there are many talented people and the Rio Blanco County Fair Board hopes you will bring your talent to the county fair.
In the 2008 fair book, you will find more than 500 classes in seven different departments to exhibit your garden produce, art, crafts, quilts, photography and many more items.
The county fair is considered open judging, so whether you have an interest to learn more in an area or you want to see how your exhibit is judged compared to others, you may come and observe the judging.
This is a great learning tool to see what the judge is looking for in a winning entry.
The open judging will begin at 10 a.m. today.
Rio Blanco County will again host the silent auction which is designed to support the local artisans and their crafts. Any exhibit is open to enter the auction program at the exhibitor’s discretion and all proceeds will go the exhibitor! For more details call the extension office at 878-9490.
Indoor exhibits are accepted today from 7-9 a.m.
Arrangements can also be made to drop off your exhibits at the CSU Cooperative Extension Office in Rangely and they will bring your exhibits up to Meeker and enter them for you. Don’t forget to submit your entry in the coloring contest and the 2009 fair book cover drawing contest.