Court strikes down P.A.U.S.E. Act 7-0

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RBC | In a 7-0 unanimous vote, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled against Initiative 16 on the basis that it did not meet the single subject requirements for a citizen ballot initiative.

The PAUSE initiative, (Protect Animals from Unnecessary Suffering and Exploitation) was widely opposed by the agriculture industry and by veterinarians as it would have criminalized many commonly accepted animal care practices and banned livestock slaughter of animals younger than one-quarter of their anticipated lifetime.

Coloradans for Animal Care, a coalition of state agriculture leaders and organizations, appealed to the Colorado Supreme Court after losing a challenge with the Title Board. Citizen initiatives are required by law to include a “single subject,” and the state Supreme Court determined Initiative 16 violated that requirement.

“The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association appreciates and agrees with the Supreme Court’s ruling that Initiative 16 covered multiple subjects and should not advance to the ballot,” says Janie VanWinkle, president of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association stated in a press release. “We appreciate the coalition and statewide support in opposing this measure. It would take away consumer choice and in the process hurt our environment, economy and the very animals the proponents claimed they wanted to protect.”

“The Colorado Wool Growers Association would like to thank our members and allied organizations at Coloradans for Animal Care that made this successful legal challenge possible,” said Bonnie Brown, executive director of the Colorado Woolgrowers Association, in a press release. “Colorado’s farmers and ranchers produce high-quality food and fiber, and will continue to adhere to best management practices to provide humane care for our animals.”