Crossfire to cut back its presence in Rangely

RANGELY I During the next month, one of Rangely’s prominent oil and gas companies, Crossfire LLC, will begin pulling out a small portion of their operation from Rangely and moving it to Vernal, Utah.

Crossfire, which is based out of Ignacio, Colo., has been in business since 2001, providing numerous services to the oilfield, often working closely with larger companies such as Chevron.
According to district manager Brad Knapp, Crossfire has simply outgrown its current location. Crossfire currently manages more than 200 people—some from as far away as North Dakota—who are based out of the Rangely office, and they are still looking for more.
Crossfire is currently seeking another 15 to 20 employees for this area in order to meet growing demand.
Knapp expects that this district will bring in more than $26 million this year and believes the company is quickly outgrowing their current space.
Knapp said that they had been trying to build a larger shop and office at their current yard location but that they have been unsuccessful getting it done and they just can’t continue in the small space they currently rent. However, he is still hopeful that they may be able to accomplish this in the coming spring.
The move to Vernal will require two office workers to commute from Rangely to Vernal, however the rest of the Rangely-based employees will continue to be locally based.
Rangely Town Manager Peter Brixius is hopeful that Crossfire will in fact decide to build next spring and move back to Rangely.
Rangely Mayor Frank Huitt echoed Brixius’ sentiments, saying “the town will do whatever they can to encourage them to come back.”
Huitt he is disappointed to see them leave, but is optimistic that it will only be temporary.