Days Gone By…

The Meeker Herald | 100 years ago

There are four kinds of people in this world: (a) Those who are grouchy at home and pleasant everywhere else. (b) Those who are pleasant at home and grouchy elsewhere. (c) Those who are pleasant both at home and elsewhere. (d) Those who are grouchy everywhere. Class (a) are as the sands of the sea. Class (b) are rare. Class (c) are rarer. Class (d) are public and private nuisances.—Strickland Gillian.

The Meeker Herald | 50 years ago

At a recent meeting of the Rio Blanco Cowbelles, which was the 11th anniversary March 27th, of the local organization, the following officers and board members were accepted by acclamation. From left: Mrs. Hartley Bloomfield, director; Mrs. David Smith, director; Mrs. Clinton Dorrell, director; Mrs. Ray Nelson, Roving Cowbelle; Mrs. Dallas Collins, reporter; Mrs. Forrest Nelson, president; Mrs. Wes Raley, secretary-treasurer; and Mrs. Helen Jensen, second vice president. Other officers and directors, missing when this picture was taken, are Mrs. Bill Brennan, 1st vice president; Mrs. Pat Weiland, historian; and directors Mrs. Nina Mintz, Mrs. Winnie Shults and Mrs. Syble Barney.

Meeker Mayor Bob Brubaker last week proclaimed May 1-7 ESA Week, and cut the decorated cake marking the 40th anniversary of ESA.

Buford Community residents hosted their final social event for the season Saturday, April 19 with a roast lamb and ham dinner served at 6:30 p.m. to the 51 in attendance. Dr. and Mrs. Wilton Cogswell Jr. served as chairmen for the dinner. They and their committee carried out the spring flower theme and provided each lady present with a petunia plant.

The Meeker Herald | 25 years ago

Delegates selected at the Rio Blanco County Republican Assembly for the state assembly June 3-4 are Meeker’s representatives Nick Theos, Wiley Berthelson, Twila Morris, Frank Cooley, David Smith, Sr., Lois Theos; Rangely’s representatives Cecil Lollar, Don Davis, Mike Morgan, and John Payne; and Ethel McCarthy representing the Piceance Creek area.

During her 16 years of nursing service to Rio Blanco County residents, former County Nursing Director Connie Hughes, who retired last week, has implemented many health programs that have helped advance the county in terms of preventive health care for its residence. Originally the county nursing program was started in 1975 under the direction of Diana Stout.

Rangely Times | 50 years ago

A new rank of shelving has been added in the Rangely Public Library to accommodate new books ordered in 1969. The shelves will hold about 850 books. This is a continued expansion of the collection toward the goal of 10,000 books, the number needed to serve the Rangely area, according to American Library Association standards. Unfortunately, the new shelves now occupy one of the two study areas in the library, due to lack of space.

Rangely Times | 25 years ago

Western Fuels-Utah, Inc.’s Deserado Mine received the Large Underground Coal Mined Land Reclamation Award during the 97th National Western Mining Conference held recently in Denver.

The third annual Rangely Racquetball Tournament was held April 15, 16 and 17 at the Recreation Center. Each year, the tournament gets a little bigger and better. There were 46 participants, coming from Grand Junction, Craig, Parachute, Montrose, Lafayette, Denver, Vernal (Utah) and Evanston (Wyoming). There were 18 local participants. Several of the out-of-town people commented on what a friendly town Rangely is, and what a nice, clean Rec. Center we have. They talked about coming back to visit and using the golf passes they received.