Days Gone By: Dec 7, 2020

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The Meeker Herald – 125 years ago

  • Some folks, like tug boats, seldom accomplish anything without a great deal of puffing and blowing; but unlike tug boats, they often puff and blow without accomplishing anything.
  • The skating pond has proved a popular attraction and is drawing large crowds of merrymakers daily.
  • The weather started in a little bit chilly this week, being 19 below last Saturday night, 18 below Sunday night, and 17 below Monday night, from which point it gradually rose to zero last night.

Some folks, like tug boats, seldom accomplish anything without a great deal of puffing and blowing; but unlike tug boats, they often puff and blow without accomplishing anything.

Meeker Herald – 125 years ago

The Meeker Herald – 100 years ago

  • Colorado has a chance to be a unique center of medical and public health service. Colorado will eventually have one of the foremost medical schools and one of the finest state hospitals in the country—a great health center where citizens of the state may avail themselves of every modern facility of medical and surgical skill.
  • Meeker has a few Civil War veterans who are getting up in years. The oldest, we believe, is Alonzo Cure, who is nearing 90. Zeke Allen and Freeman Fairfield are nearing the 80 mark, while John A. Watson is over 70. But one of the hale and hearty veterans is E.A. Proctor, who is close to 85. Despite the fact that he was in some of the hardest fighting in southwest Missouri and was pretty well “shot-up.” Mr. Proctor enjoys good health for his years.

The Meeker Herald – 50 years ago

  • The message came through loud and clear Monday evening at the Town Council meeting that livestock owners in the town of Meeker were going to take action to stop, if possible, the passing of a proposed ordinance which would prohibit livestock in the town of Meeker. A delegation of about 25 were present.
  • Tom Allen, who received a broken right leg in a skiing accident at Steamboat Springs Saturday, was released from St. Mary’s hospital in Grand Junction Tuesday. Tom is a sophomore student at Meeker high and a member of the JayVee basketball team.
  • A temperature of a minus 29 degrees Tuesday night, Jan. 5, is the lowest the mercury has dropped in this area since the 12th day of January, 1963, and during that night it was -43 degrees.

The Meeker Herald – 25 years ago

  • A recent survey from the Meeker Herald found that 58.87% of Meeker citizens favor returning back to the 5-day school week format, where 35.48% favor staying with the four-day week, and 5.65% had no opinion in the matter.

It has been said, in jest, that doctors bury theirs. Lawyers lock theirs up in remote prisons. And accountants juggle and restate theirs. But journalists print theirs where they become enshrined forever as part of history. We’re talking about mistakes, and we’ve made some doozies during the past year. And you can bet we’ll make some humdingers this year, and next year, and… Well, you get the idea.

Meeker Herald – 25 years ago

Rangely Times – 50 years ago

  • During the last quarter of 1970, the retail sales of Rangely were up by 25%.
  • The official groundbreaking for Rangely Public Library took place at the end of December. The end date for the project is late April of 1971.
  • Rio Blanco County is a proposed site for a nuclear gas stimulation. A public meeting will be held by the City Council to discuss the stimulation.

Rangely Times – 25 years ago

  • Rangley’s Building Inspector, Mike Englert, visited some local businesses to perform routine inspections. There were many rumors circulating around that certain buildings were going to be condemned or that owners will have to fix structural problems in buildings. Nothing has been put in writing yet regarding his decision.
  • Deserado Mine was forced to shut down for two days following a roof collapse in the mine itself. No one was injured during those two days of Christmas week. The rest of the mine was unaffected and Deserado was up and running again quickly after the incident.
  • n Four incidents of poaching in Rangely have been called in and officials are looking for information on a party or parties that may have been involved in these violations.