DAYS GONE BY: February 12, 2021

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The Meeker Herald
125 years ago

  • Simp Harp has secured the mail contract for summer service from New Castle to Marvine Lodge and will run a line of fast passenger coaches in connection with same.
  • Mediocrity wages incessant warfare against superior ones.
  • Patronage solicited at City Restaurant. Meals at all hours. Mrs. McAdow.

The Meeker Herald
100 years ago

  • Buford and Marvine: Fourteen degrees below this last storm. The ice harvest is about over for the season.
  • More laws repealed and less new ones enacted is what we need.
  • Mrs. H.L. Grinstead wrote the effective poetic parts shown in the Merchants Carnival.

The Meeker Herald
50 years ago

  • After the past two weeks of fresh, new snow, the area near Meeker will be the scene of much activity this weekend when two days of snowmobile races are scheduled at Sleepy Cat Guest Ranch.
  • Recent complaints of possible sonic boom damage in the Meeker area have been received by the Department of the Air Force, to which Col. William E. Shannon, has replied: “Investigation reveals that a route used by Strategic Reconnaissance aircraft passes near the vicinity of Meeker.”
  • Last Sunday’s television failure, lasting several hours, was due to a planned power outage serving the translator site at Tabby Mountain in Utah, Bill Robinson, county TV technician reported this week. He was not notified in advance of the planned power outage.

The Meeker Herald
25 years ago

  • The town cops are swamped. And if all goes well, they’re going to ask you to do something about it on April 2. That “something” is a proposed half-percent sales tax hike from the present 5% to 5.5% to pay for a fifth full-time police officer for Meeker.
  • The incident has mushroomed into a significant crisis and controversy, to the point where the police, the district attorney, defense lawyers and perhaps even the courts, in addition to the school authorities, are involved. ‘Nuff said. Please consider yourself up to date.

Rangely Times
50 years ago

  • Hugh Caldwell, veteran county commissioner for District No. 1, representing the Rangely area, retired in January after 32 years in this position, declining to run for another term. He was the senior commissioner in the state, being first elected in 1938.
  • A frog cannot breathe when its mouth is open. It’s a good thing humans aren’t constructed that way.
  • Instead of getting rid of his prejudices, the average person whitewashes them and tries to pass them off for principles.

Rangely Times
25 years ago

  • An underground fire that started last week at the Deserado Mine is still burning but has stabilized, a Western Fuels spokesman said Monday. No one was injured in the fire.
  • Children at Parkview Early Childhood Center and Parkview Elementary have been collecting Campbell Soup labels and other proofs of purchase from Campbell-made products. A total of 5,283 labels were collected by both schools during the first semester of the 1995-96 school year.

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