Days Gone By: July 12, 2018

The Meeker Herald —

100 years ago

Railroad is coming

To put the thing in as few words as possible, it looks as though the projected railroad has something more than “hot air” back of it.

In the city park, Meeker, two nights, Saturday, July 13, Sunday, July 14, Chicago Lyceum Co., presents Chief Silvertongue, the great Indian singer, who will sing from the top of the Meeker Commercial Club building on Saturday at 8 p.m.

 Worst storm in meeker history

The big rain occurred Tuesday evening. In the hills back of town in the Sulphur creek basin, it poured down as though a cloud had burst. A raging torrent came down Sulphur creek. The deep, ravine-like creek suddenly rose till it flowed over its banks in the Sanderson field, and in turn, the Smith ditch was filled to overflowing in many places. Sulphur spread out and filled cellars and first floors of all houses in that section of town. Fences were torn down and gardens destroyed, and many people lost nearly all their chickens. The main part of town was flooded by the overflow of the Smith ditch. The Meeker-Craig bridge at the Sanderson ranch was carried away, also the bridge and water main at the Henry corner of Market and Second streets. Sidewalks were carried away all over town, and considerable damage done. All told it was the worst storm in the history of Meeker.

The Meeker Herald —

50 years ago

The White River Chapter Colorado Guides and Outfitters’ float, with a live bobcat perched high atop a tree, won the sweepstakes trophy during the Range Call Parade.

As the 1,500 viewers coming from most all states within the United States awaited the hour of dusk for the presentation of the famed pageant, “The Meeker Massacre,” a production given by over 200 people of Meeker, a very entertaining program captivated the audience.

The Meeker Herald —

25 years ago

Pioneers Hospital hires second doctor

It has taken 11 months of searching for Pioneers Hospital to fill its physician vacancies, but the final addition was made last week with the hiring of Dr. Dave Steinman.

Welcome Back to the Meeker Herald

Needless to say, The Meeker Herald has gone through several staff changes within the last few weeks. And we appreciate your patience through all the changes.

In an attempt to resurrect the defunct Meeker Massacre Bicycle Race, a pack of seven rebel cyclists rode the First Annual Jeff Madison Commemorative Bike Ride on July 4th. We want our race back!

Rangely Times — 50 years ago

Rangely Retail Sales Highest in City’s History

Retail sales in Rangely came close to the million dollar mark during the first three months of 1968 for a record high in the city’s short history.

– College Receives Aircraft for Aerospace Program

Rangely College took delivery of a Navy surplus twin engine Beechcraft C45H on July 9.

Mini-skirts are what a her does to a hem to get a him.

We envy young Keith Poole who left last week for a month or more in Europe.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago

County News Mixed Blessing

The bad news came from assessor Renae Neilson. Very preliminary figures indicate that countywide evaluation might be down about 4 percent. This is particularly true on the west end.

John Urbanik, son of John and Barbara Urbanik, competed in June in the Hershey Invitational Track Program on Saturday the 12th.