Days Gone By: March 16, 2017

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The Meeker Herald — 125 years ago
– Our experience has been that the man who claims to have been converted, and who needs a brass band and a press agent to inform the world what a sinner he used to be, isn’t going to stay converted long.
– The undersigned will exterminate your prairie dogs; no cure; no pay. Reasonable charges. W.T. Weatherford.
– Man thinks he is going to solve the mystery known as woman after he is married. And then the plot thickens.
– One citizen of Glenwood named Beasi Sota (maybe Beasi hadn’t taken out his papers—hence he was not a citizen) was found one day last week with 108 quarts of alleged whiskey in his possession. Sota is now in the Glenwood jail, awaiting an investigation as to how he got it.
– In the early part of the week Henry Wolcott—whose Chesterfield manners, handsome form and goodness of heart are the envy and despair of all the men in Meeker—sent a large black cat of the Thomas gender over from Axial by express (collect) to Al Strehlke, with instructions to have his (the cat’s) tonsils removed (far back). The necessary surgical operation was successfully performed by Dr. Stedman, and Mr. Cat made comfortable preparatory to his return to Mr. Wolcott. The return express crate was consigned to Agent Salty, who through some unintentional carelessness, let “the cat out of the bag”—or box; and—he got away. Whether Mr. Cat concluded that his trip to Meeker had resulted in his impairment for future usefulness in Axial cat society, and made his getaway accordingly, we are not informed. But we feel assured that Mr. Strehlke will see to it that the genial and courtly manager of the Hugus store at Axial is supplied in a short time with another Thomas cat, duly caponized.

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago
– Meeker firemen, wives and guests celebrated the 34th birthday of the Meeker Fire Department Monday, March 13. Present for the occasion were charter members Loren Idol, Raymond Woolley, Edgar Peltier, Robert White and Melvin Holland. Recognized were present fire chief Stan Harp and past fire chiefs Melvin Holland, Tom Murray and Meeker’s first fire chief, the late S. L. Peavy.
– Tom Murray Market of Meeker is celebrating its 10th anniversary at their present location at 364 Seventh St. this weekend.

The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago
– Stalled by the Federal government which hasn’t approved Meeker’s plans to improve Sulphur Creek, the Town of Meeker received more bad news Tuesday as Trustees learned that the majority of $20,000 in engineering fees will probably be worthless to the project. It is estimated that another $10-$15,000 in engineering costs alone will be needed to revise the project.
– New economic activity in Rio Blanco County during 1991 continued to drop off from the previous year as use tax revenues fell almost 27 percent.
– The school district received a memo from the governor’s office recently describing the educational funding shortfall in Colorado of $168 million for the 92-93 school year and possibly more for the 93-94 school year, with the blame being placed on unexpected increases in student enrollment and a decrease in revenue at the state level. If there is no other funding determined by the legislature this spring, that deficit would be pro-rated out to each district in the state.
– Add together 95 chickens, 170 lbs. of potatoes, mix in 20 dozen eggs and 50 lbs. Of flour for homemade noodles, toss in 13 gallons of beans and what do you get? The annual Holy Family Catholic Church St. Patrick’s Day dinner. As always, the affair drew an excellent crowd which knew how to spend a Sunday night dinner, with an estimated 450 people attending this year’s fundraiser.

Rangely Times — 50 years ago
– The organizational meeting of a “Community Action for Beauty” campaign was held Monday night at the Reddy Room of Eddy’s Restaurant with more than 20 in attendance. It was suggested that a block-by-clock canvass be made of unclean, unsightly, unsafe or objectionable features in the town.
– Gov. John A. Love will be host at a luncheon meeting in Denver March 28 for a discussion of the proposed nuclear test shots in western Colorado and their possible impact on the state’s economy.
– A special late show has been scheduled at the Campus Theatre Saturday night, following the regular showing of “Last of the Secret Agents,” MGM’s “Night Must Fall,” a horror picture, will start at 10 p.m.
– We haven’t heard very many wild tales about the earthquake on Feb. 14 which was felt by Rangely residents about 8:30 p.m. In fact, no one called the TIMES to report anything unusual that day.
– Jeff Courtier won the top award at the Rangely science fair with his project “Microfossils: Collection and Preparation,” also taking first place in the earth and space science division, then took third place at the regional science fair.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago
– Chuck Rouse, a Rangely Elementary School teacher, reported being assaulted and robbed near the school bus barn in Rangely.
– The RHS Lady Panthers ended the year with a third place finish at the state tournament in Colorado Springs last weekend.
– Dennis Sims, mayor of Dinosaur, will be speaking on the Monday Night Forum, KVEL radio station. Topic: Gambling initiatives in Dinosaur.