DAYS GONE BY: March 18, 2021

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The Meeker Herald
125 years ago

  • Celebrations will take place this week in honors of St. Patricks’s Day.
  • I. G. Mitchell is supervising the building of the new hotel, which is moving at a steady pace.
  • The White River Stock Growers’ association will meet on April 14 at 2 o’clock.

The Meeker Herald
100 years ago

  • The town had several visitors as the St. Patrick’s dance is soon.
  • Ben Wright’s clothing store in Craig was broken into. Several hundred dollars worth of goods were said to be taken.
  • Spring clean up should be starting soon if it continues to be dry the next couple of weeks.

The Meeker Herald
50 years ago

  • Meeker High School is cracking down on unexcused absences. Frequent hooky players will be given one warning and then will be suspended the second time. To be re-enrolled the students will have to be present at the next school board meeting.
  • Sales in Rio Blanco County increased 9.3% last year, a record high for the county.
  • The senior class of ‘71 will be the first class to receive scholarship money from the Freeman Fairfield Charitable Trust for those who wish to further their education.

The Meeker Herald
25 years ago

  • Rio Blanco County commissioner, Don Davis, testified on a senate bill last week that dealt with the control of predators between the Department of Agriculture and the Division of Wildlife.
  • Jeanne Nadon and Vernon Rholl are the new additions to the Meeker Town Board.
  • On March 2 the Rio Blanco County Department of Social Services held an appreciation dinner for all the foster parents of Meeker at Sleepy Cat Guest Ranch.
  • The Meeker Lions Club held a carnival last week as a thank you to the community, providing many activities for the youngsters of Meeker.

Rangely Times
50 years ago

  • The Rangely Hospital board approved a contract with G. Cabell Childress to design a sprinkler system that will go in the basement of the hospital.
  • The Rangely Volunteer Fireman’s Ball will be held at the Fire Hall with a band from Grand Junction providing entertainment.
  • The city council voted to call for new bids on the municipal building on Friday, April 2 after a meeting with architect Blake Chambliss.
  • Sections of the roof off of Nichols Hall at Rangely College were torn off yesterday after high winds.

Rangely Times
25 years ago

  • Several parents are angry at the school board for changing the date of graduation due to the baseball teams final tournament in Denver. The senior class voted to keep the date the same but ultimately it came down to the school board.
  • The Rangely Rec Center has been experiencing vandalism and other inappropriate behavior recently. Including a broken light, cut couches and carpets, and a broken back of a couch.
  • With the upcoming town elections, Rangely is seeing a good turn out for candidates for mayor and trustees.

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