Days Gone By: March 2, 2017

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The Meeker Herald — 100 years ago
– The demand for a national referendum on the question of war with Germany seems to be what a New York paper calls it, “The expiring gasp of German propaganda in the United States.”
– The annual St. Patrick’s Day Dance will be given this year on Friday evening at Rooney’s Hall. The usual excellent supper will be better than ever. Under the auspices of the Catholic Ladies’ Society.
– Meeker was worse than “bone dry” Thursday due to a break in our main water main. The Finchites and everybody else had to go to the river for “moisture.”
– The Meeker Hotel, now under the management of the original owner, R.S. Ball. Large well-furnished rooms, 50 cents and up. Meals—European plan; 25 cents and up. Good cooking and service. A large, free sample room for the use of commercial travelers. A soft drink parlor in which nothing but the best in the line of soft drinks, seasonal fruits, confections and cigars are served.
The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago
– A postcard from Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jensen says the eight Meeker people are having a wonderful time in Hawaii. Mr. and Mrs. Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Reg. Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Love and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dodo left for a two week Farm Journal tour of the Hawaiian Islands.
– Utopia Club met Monday at the home of Evalyn Carstens with Barbara Meek and Gayla Richardson as co-hostesses.
– It is that time of year. If you don’t know the price of success the Bureau of Internal Revenue will be glad to send you a tax table.
– Good luck in the district basketball tournament, Meeker Cowboys: John Merriam, Les Crook, Jim Watson, Mike Sullivan, Mike Nieslanik, Chuck Bewley, Don Merriam, Doug Moody, Dan Murphy, Jim Cook, Mike Lugenbeel, Jim McKean.

The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago
– Just as most people thought it would, the controversy at Pioneers Hospital exploded this past week which saw Meeker’s doctors file two complaints against the Pioneers Hospital Board. These charges are just part of the most recent hospital controversy in which just about everyone involved is pointing the finger of blame at somebody else. “If I can stress anything, is just that we’d ask everybody to mellow out for a while until we can find out what’s going on,” said Commissioner Joe Collins who huddled behind closed doors once again this week with the doctors and members of the hospital’s administration and board.
– Assured by the banking community and the state that this action would help put the LynMar Tool Company on better financial footing, the Meeker Town Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution that would allow the company to secure additional outside financing to build high tech SCANNIA machines.

The Rangely Times— 50 years ago
– Swinging to victory in the NWL, the Panthers head for further glory Friday in the District Tournament. Their record includes 12 wins against 3 losses, with an 8-2 conference record. 1967 Panthers: Kent Oldham, Don Roverts, Larry Gierhart, Ron Brenton, Jack Dembowski, Dale Kenyon, Mark Row, Pete Miller, Dale Matrisciano, Junior Matrisciano, Gary Chism, Jerry Mobley, Mike Hutton, Tony McPhail.
– Project Beautification for Rangely will kick off with a meeting of all interested in making the town a better place to live. The roads to future prosperity for Rangely are: 1. Improvement of the area’s retail trade potential. 2. Development of the vast tourist potential. The present tourist tide is around 70,000 visitors a year. If each of these stayed a day in Rangely, the return in dollars would be over $600,000.
– A perfectionist has been described as somebody who takes great pains and gives them to other people.
– Senator Pete Dominick (R-Colo) said in a speech that there is a really good chance “we will have a going oil shale industry within five to seven years.”

The Rangely Times — 25 years ago
– At a meeting of the Rangely Development Authority held last week, the first order of business was to swear in two new members: Michele Hornback and Junior Hume.
– Police Officer Nickson and the Rangely Fire Department were dispatched to the Sinclair gas station. A customer had moved their vehicle while the gas hose was still attached to the car. The hose broke and the pump was pulled down. A fire broke out immediately from the gas spillage. The flames were extinguished quickly and there were no injuries.
– The girls have done it again! They’re on their way to Regional, only this time it’s for basketball. 1992 Lady Panthers: Misty Newlin, Amy Williams, Cori Ducey, Jaime Hume, Stephanie Hughes, Rosa Lopez, Jeannette Rice, Amber Hopson, Tiffany Thompson, Jennifer Filener, Jamie Kurrasch, Amber McPhail, Tina Hames, Stacy Crawford.