Days Gone By: Oct. 28, 2021

 The Meeker Herald125 years ago

• The first heavy frost of the season put in an appearance here Wednesday night.

• We shall be sure to go to bed tired if we spend the day looking for an easy place. 

The Meeker Herald100 years ago

• The fire alarm bell sounded about 3 last Saturday afternoon when the fire boys and citizens responded that it was discovered there was a fire in the Oldland Block (Former Hugus Building).

• Last Friday, Glen Frost was kicked in the face by a colt and sustained injuries in which he lost his eye.

The Meeker Herald 50 years ago

• A week ago Dr. Vandiver, his wife and son Vince went upriver for an overnight trip elk hunting. During the night, their crying son saved their life by waking up the two very ill parents who had carbon monoxide poisoning from a running car.

• Mrs. Ethel Mathes, 85, sustained a fractured pelvis and head injury after being struck by an auto driven by Mrs. Cinda Peters of Meeker Wednesday evening, Oct. 20, around 7 p.m. 

The Meeker Herald 25 years ago

• A fire at 752 Tenth Street started in a chair, when a boy living alone had friends over and one of the friends dropped cigarette ash on the chair which ignited it. They tried to put it out, but it was too late. 

• Four men landed in Rio Blanco County jail, and as many as 20 more are under investigation, after a team of 15 federal, state and local law enforcement officers raided the men’s hunting camp at Stagecoach Campground and arrested them for a long list of felony game poaching violations. 

Rangely Times50 years ago

• An all day tour of the Piceance Creek shale basin was taken Saturday by the Regional Oil Shale planning Commission and members of Rangely, Meeker, and Rio Blanco planning Commissions.

• Rangely’s newest restaurant, the Kottage Kitchen, had its grand opening and is now  serving a luncheon and dinner menu Mondays through Fridays.

Rangely Times 25 years ago

• Two kids from Rangely traveled to Meeker for an 8th annual Elk Bugling and Camouflage Contest sponsored by Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Department, in which Justin Noel from Rangely won first place. 

• With the help of Rangely’s citizenry, an interagency effort pulled an alleged drug dealer off the streets with drug dog “Xaro” helping to find traces of narcotics 58 times. 

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