Days Gone By: Sept. 10, 2020

The Meeker Herald | 125 years ago

• A good many people try to cover their own blots with the blemishes of others. 

• Perry Spurlock met with a serious and very painful accident on Monday last. He was up at the Watkin ranch on Coal creek and seeing a large buck come down to the stream to drink, went into the house to get a rifle, in which he had inserted a cartridge and was trying to press it into the breach when it exploded. The bulk of the charge struck him in the left eye and injured it so badly that he will not be able to see out of the injured member for two or three months. The little finger of his left hand was also badly lacerated and his face considerably powder burnt. It was an accident liable to happen to the most careful, and Mr. Spurlock cannot blame himself on the score of carelessness.

The Meeker Herald | 100 years ago

• Forepart of the week was frosty and cold, but past few days have been warm and yesterday a rain visited this section.

• Don’t sit around and bellyache against the government then when it comes time to vote for your preference for candidates stay at home and ignore the primaries. All parties are threatened as never before with socialistic and non-partisan agitators and it is up to every American, every good citizen both Democratic and Republican to see that these agitators do not get a foothold at the polls. Get out to the primaries Tuesday and vote for candidates who are blue-blooded Americans and help to put down the Socialistic element and foreign bolshevist movements. 

The Meeker Herald | 50 years ago

• Harry Watt, manager of Watt’s Ranch Market, received a fractured bone in his foot Sunday while participating in the rodeo at Hayden. Watt received the fracture when one of the bulls stepped on Harry’s foot. 

The Meeker Herald | 25 years ago

• No one was injured in this rollover at the intersection of 13 and 64, caused by a broken suspension system bracket. A few days later this State Patrol officer set up a truck safety checkpoint near the intersection.

Rangely Times  | 50 years ago

• A youngster’s definition of nervous: “I feel in a hurry all over but I can’t get started.”

• Mrs. Shirley Wilder held a highly successful Open House at the Beauty Bar Saturday. She extends thanks to those who sent flowers and other good wishes for the opening.

Rangely Times | 25 years ago

• While Rangelyites were enjoying Labor Day weekend festivities, over 30 fires started in northwest Colorado. 

• The body of a California archery hunter reported missing the day before was found Aug. 31 north of Meeker.

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