Days Gone By: Sept. 3, 2020

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The Meeker Herald  | 125 years ago

• This was court week, and The Herald’s hired man has been struggling desperately with lawyers’ arguments and Blackstone to such an extent that this issue resembles the aforesaid hired man — it has a forlorn, tired appearance. If the reader happens to find some important local items missing, patiently withhold comments until after the next issue. The deficiency will be more than made up, as the editor will again be at the helm. 

• G.W. Thayer has leased the Pioneer stables, and will board horses by the day, week or month.

The Meeker Herald | 100 years ago

• Word reached town last Friday evening that a gasgusher was expected to be tapped in the White River field Saturday forenoon. In consequence a large number of Meeker people were on hand at the appointed time. This makes the fifth gas well tapped in the White River field. All show the same wonderful volume and force.

• One can always borrow trouble without putting up security.

• A certain Army bureau officer sends us about a column and a half of stuff which he requests us to publish free. He also requests us to send him a marked copy of the Herald containing his article. It affords us much pleasure in saying that neither request will be complied with. 

The Meeker Herald | 50 years ago

• It is with special pride that Meeker residents look to their streets this week as laying of the oil mat got underway.  

• When over 840 people line up for dinner … it takes just a little more time than usual to get to the serving table. That aroma from the 12 barbecued lambs served as an added incentive to “keep the line moving” Sunday at the Woolgrowers annual barbecue which attracted the largest crowd ever. 

• News that a Colony Development Operation — a four-company joint venture into the research and development of oil shale — has regrouped to reopen an experimental plant on Parachute Creek near Grand Valley brightens the dimming U.S. oil production picture. 

The Meeker Herald | 25 years ago

• Despite heavy afternoon rains that arrived so promptly each day that you could almost set your watch by them, the crowds were large, patient and well-mannered. Most spectators, familiar with our quirky weather, brought raincoats and umbrellas. Television cameras were a common sight, and the sound of bagpipes filled the air. If you haven’t been to the trials yet, next year they’ll be 10 years old, and there’ll be lots of hoopla. 

• Elisha Watt went to the National Little Britches Finals. Attending were 520 competitors from 20 different states. She had a lot of fun and came back with two more saddles to add to her collection.

Rangely Times  | 50 years ago

• The 1970 assessed valuation of Rio Blanco County is down $5.5 million, according to preliminary figures released by Assessor Dale Frisby last week.  

• 95% of all failures in business are from the ranks of non-advertisers, according to Dun & Bradstreet. Only 5% of those who fail are advertisers.

Rangely Times  | 25 years ago

• The Rangely District Hospital Board agreed to forgive $100,000 in funds due from Western Fuels under their socioeconomic impact mitigation agreement with the district at their board meeting Tuesday night.  

• Rangely Middle School Principal Jim Day was recently appointed to fill former principal Don Barta’s seat on the Colorado Northwestern Community College Board of Trustees.

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