Days Gone By: September 20, 2018

The Meeker Herald

125 years ago

– Pot Hole is the euphonious title given to a section on North Fork, and still we overlooked the name on the Meeker register last week. Mr. J.M. Nimerick and his son “Buck” (another barbarous appellation), were down from that region mingling with the throng.

– Some six hundred head of White River cattle were loaded at Rifle last week, bound for the markets.

– A. Burnham returned from Limekiln hill Thursday, where he has burned enough lime to last Meeker until next summer.

– Hartke lost himself in the Coal Creek hills on Sunday last, and his partner was up till a late hour in a vain search for him. It has since leaked out that while Hartke was dressing a deer which he had killed about dusk, a mountain lion made his appearance, and the Teuton hit the trail for Meeker. It was near noon the next day that he remembered of having gone hunting with a party the day before.

– On Wednesday last, in the county court, O.H. Lunney was appointed administrator of the estate of Thomas Lunney, deceased. The property is valued at from $12 to $15 hundred dollars, and will go to their aged mother who resides in Ireland.

– Boyd says he hasn’t issued a marriage license for a month or two. What is the matter, boys? [This isn’t Jim asking.] Are the times too hard to get married? The best time in the world to get married, says an exchange, is when the times are so hard that you cannot support yourself alone. Give it a trial, some of you. You’ll find it is a mighty poor woman who can’t help some.

The Meeker Herald

100 years ago

– Politics will be the next attraction.

– Mrs. Julia Wilson’s town residence, on Park Avenue, was enhanced in value and beauty this week by the installation of a handsome metal fence. Mr. J.B. Legg superintended the work, which was right well done.

– Charley Mobley was in town Monday, having returned after bossing the job of getting the Ambrose Oldland band of sheep out of the flattops and to the railroad.

– The “golden tint” appeared this week.

The Meeker Herald

50 years ago

– The golf course is going ahead, and a club house will be moved to the course from Hiawatha. Purchase of land for the course by the Rio Blanco Golf Association from Ed Sprod has been announced.

– Bob Raley reported Monday that he had a bull moose grazing in his ranch pasture 9 miles east of Meeker on Irish Mesa.

– Mr. and Mrs. Jim Purcell have purchased the Hamilton store from Mr. and Mrs. Al Ottens.

– A potent Cowboy defense threw up a blanket while the offensive unit produced five touchdowns—three by sophomore halfback Ed Harp—to blank the Palisade Bulldogs 34-0.

The Meeker Herald

25 years ago

– Three and a half years ago, LynMar Tool Company was hailed as an economic development dream come true. It all came to an abrupt halt last Friday as First National Bank of the Rockies decided it was time to call in their loan and get what collateral there was from the failing company. Mounting debts, along with outstanding receivables, finally brought a conclusion to LynMar.

– Work continues to progress smoothly on the Sulphur Creek Flood Control Project, as crews began pouring concrete near the Fairfield Center this week.

Rangely Times

50 years ago

– Rangely’s city council held a 3-1/2 hour session Monday night, including a hearing on an application for a restaurant liquor license, meeting with the domestic water steering committee and a revision of the natural gas rate schedule.

– The Republicans are in a hard spot. They can’t come up with anything to say about the Democrats that they haven’t said about themselves.

– Three oil shale test leases in Rio Blanco County will be awarded to private industry Dec. 20.

– Residents are being plagued this month with an invasion of skunks (four-legged) with an accompanying discomfort.

Rangely Times

25 years ago

– This year Mr. Joel Hogan has been chosen to be the Grand Marshal of the 1993 Homecoming Parade, for his dedication and involvement with Rangely and our schools.

– The Rangely Panther football team improved their record to 3-0 overall and 2-0 in the league with a win at Paonia last Friday.

– The Rangely Panther volleyball team won three matches this past week, defeating Moffat County, Grand Valley and North Pork.