December incidents up 17.7 percent

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RBC — The combined incidents for the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office and the Meeker Police Department continued on trend with another significant increase during December 2008, logging an impressive 17.7 percent increase in activity compared to December 2007.
Total incidents received through the communications center increased to 823 in December 2008, up from 699 in December 2007. The number of calls for service increased for the sheriff’s office with 316 incidents in December 2008, up from 235 in December 2007. The number of traffic stops also increased from 254 in December 2007 to 281 in December 2008 for the sheriff’s office.
The Meeker P.D. responded to 174 calls for service during December 2008, up from 152 in December 2007. Traffic stops for the Meeker P.D. also increased with 33 stops in December 2008, up from 19 stops in December 2007.
Activity for both agencies includes these most notable classifications: 314 traffic stops; 67 motorist assists; 44 accidents with property damage; 42 VIN inspections; 39 incidents assisting the Colorado State Patrol; 32 suspicious incidents; 29 animal calls; 22 jail/prisoner transports; 22 traffic complaints; 21 traffic arrests; 20 incidents assisting the Rangely Police Department; 20 warrant arrests; 16 civil situations; 14 citizen assists; eight thefts; six disturbances; six narcotics cases; five hit and run accidents; five criminal mischief cases; four injury accidents; four trespass cases; three DUIs; three harassment cases; three juvenile problems; two assaults; two fraud cases; two liquor/MIP violations; two arrests for parole violation; one domestic violence case; one restraining order violation and one sexual assault.
The Rio Blanco County Detention Center operated above maximum capacity during December 2008 housing an average daily inmate population of 22.1 inmates, with 20.42 males and 1.68 females, up from an average daily inmate population of 19 inmates in November 2008. The number of bookings also increased in December 2008 with 92 people processed in the detention center, up from 85 bookings in November 2008.
Of the 92 people processed, 65 were jailed and 27 were booked and released. With the increase in inmate population, the number of meals served by the detention center also increased to 1,861 meals served, up from 1,515 meals served in November 2008.