Demolition derby and demonstration…

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phMKRangelyRockClimberA member of the Rangely Rock Climbers demonstrates the agility of his vehicle on piles of big rocks stacked in front of the Meeker Fairgrounds stands on Thursday evening, prior to the demolition derby. Several drivers from Rangely took part in the “bouldering” exercise as a prelude to the derby. Also, a quartet of smaller off-road vehicles ran a water course with few problems although a couple of the four-wheelers did overturn on the turn-around and needed to be rolled back onto their all-fours.

phMKDemoDerbyThe blue and white No. 15, right, plows into No. 10, left, and that raises a bunch of sand and dust as the collision during the demolition derby on Thursday evening put No. 10 out of the action because he couldn’t drive out of the sand. There were two preliminary battles of four drivers each, then the last two drivers standing in each heat went to the championship.