Diabetes self-management support now locally available

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MEEKER I Have you, or someone you care about been diagnosed with Diabetes?  Are you curious about the best way to manage the disease?  What is a Hemoglobin  A1C? What should your blood sugars be? How do you know what to eat and what not to eat?

Pioneers Medical Center is now offering group education and support, along with individual education/ coaching in the areas of pre-diabetes, diabetes prevention and diabetes self-management.  Betty Lou Moyer, RN, BSN has completed specialized training in Diabetes Self-Management Education and is available to coach and support self-care and the day-to-day management.

Group and personalized sessions will cover the following topics:

ν Basics of disease process—what and why is my body not working to keep my blood sugar down?

ν Preventing complications—what are the long term benefits to keeping blood sugars in or near the normal range?

ν Daily management—why do I have to do so many of the finger-stick testing?

ν Medical follow up—why must I have blood tests 2-4 times a year?

Medication usage—how does that ν pill or shot work to keep my blood sugar down?

ν Healthy activity—every little bit counts (you don’t need to climb a mountain or run 5 miles).

ν Technological tools (phone apps, websites, etc.)—how to use all those electronic tools to achieve optimal weight and blood sugar control.

“I have had diabetes for 35 years, and  am so excited to see all the positive changes that have and are occurring to help people with diabetes live better, longer, and complication free,” Says Betty Lou Moyer, Pioneers Diabetes Educator and Director of Home Health Services.  “One of these positive changes is the education and support offered to people with diabetes, and the focus on self-management.   I am very excited to offer education and support to people with diabetes, in my role as a diabetic educator.”

Diabetes Support Appointments are available Monday through Thursday at the Home Health Offices at 575 Third St. (Third and Cleveland).  Call Betty Lou Moyer at 970-878-9265 to arrange your appointment.

Suggested resources: American Diabetes Association, cornerstones4care.com