{Editor’s Column} Democracy: Participation required

Niki Turner
First off, congratulations to the newly elected members and reelected incumbents of the fire district board, the rec center board and the hospital board. Voter turnout for this combined special district election was higher than the voter turnout for the town election in April. That’s excellent news, and hopefully a trend in the right direction.
The next opportunity we have to participate in our democratic process will take place in June with the party primaries. For the first time this year in Colorado independent voters will be allowed to vote in the primary elections, which is a big plus for independents in counties where the only opportunity to vote for a local candidate is in the primaries.
In the county commissioner race in RBC, for example, two Republicans are running, Gary Moyer will be on the ballot and Mike Hoke is a write-in candidate (meaning if you want to vote for him, you’ll have to write in his name when you get your ballot). If no independent candidates step up by the July deadline to run in the general election (or decides to run as a write-in independent), our next county commissioner will be decided in June, not in November.

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