Editor’s Column: On learning…

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Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” ~ Henry Ford

Niki Turner

That applies to all areas of life, from spirituality to spelling and from politics to perception. There’s always something we can learn and in our modern world a multitude of ways to learn it.
Being a lifelong learner requires humility. Once you’re a grown-up (or a teenager) it’s tempting to start thinking you’ve “arrived.” The truth is none of us have arrived. No one knows it all (despite the claims of many… from the flat-earthers to the doomsday-predictors). In real life, true scientists are the first to admit they don’t know it all and false prophets are the first to declare themselves infallible. Just something to think about.
Learning doesn’t (shouldn’t) stop when formal education ends, whenever that may be. Learning continues for as long as we are teachable. I love that in today’s world we are able to learn in multiple ways. I could download a college textbook to read right now on any subject, or access an online class or seek the counsel of an expert at the drop of a hat. My point? Never stop learning.

We tend to be suspicious of the new, and quick to judge any perceived failures or shortcomings. Our broadband project had a couple of hiccups recently, prompting some consumer backlash.
Here’s another perspective… Our office was fortunate to be hooked-up to the “loop” a few months ago. This week we uploaded our hunting guide pages to our printer. When it came time to upload replacement pages (there are always replacement pages to correct errors), we attempted to do so from home, via our other internet provider. When an hour had passed and only one page out of eight had loaded, I trotted back to the office to access our broadband connection. All the pages loaded in less than five minutes.
Will broadband have hiccups? Probably. But those hiccups are minor in comparison to the service we can get from broadband. Be patient, it’s coming your way!