Editor’s Column: One Good Thing

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This has been a year of unusual events. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the night sky for the first time since 1226 A.D., is just one of those events. From our perspective on Earth, the two visible planets look very much like an unusually large star, much like the Star of Bethlehem that pointed the way for the Wise Men to find their way to the baby Jesus.

I don’t know how far or how long those Wise Men from the East had traveled, but I can imagine how they felt when they arrived in Bethlehem and found the child they’d been looking for.

Maybe a little like the healthcare professionals who’ve been on the front lines of COVID-19 all year, giving people test results, taking care of them in the ER, when they get that first shipment of vaccines. I teared up when I saw the picture of the first round of vaccines that arrived at public health Tuesday. There’s hope. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Traditionally, starting next week we would publish the annual Year in Review. Honestly, who wants to review, rehash, relive, or revive 2020? Yuck.

Instead, I’d like to ask everyone to contribute to a different kind of Year in Review: Let us know one good thing (or more) that happened to you or your family this year. Maybe you learned a new skill, or finished a long delayed project, or adopted a pet, or made it through your to-be-read pile of books, or spent more quality time with your kids, or perfected that sourdough recipe. Let’s see how many good things we can come up with and close out a tough year on a positive note.

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By NIKI TURNER | niki@ht1885.com

CORRECTION: The print version said the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter.