Editor’s Column: Pete and Repeat

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I’m sure you’ve heard the joke in some variation: Pete and Repeat sat on a fence. Pete fell off. Who’s left?


Pete and Repeat sat on a fence…

It was more entertaining before I realized it’s a history lesson.

An outbreak of influenza, hope that new government regulation would make the Rangely oil field profitable, unlicensed dogs running in packs, a proposed grocery co-op in Rangely, a Meeker plan to incentive new business moving to town — those are just a few of the topics I’ve run across while perusing our archives in the last week or two for Days Gone By.

Gun control debates were underway in 1969. We’ve been arguing about healthcare for at least 25 years. A tattooing trend among young people made the news 100 years ago. And politics are always, always in turmoil. Some weeks it’s hard to tell if I’m reading last week’s headlines or news from the previous century.

It’s a bit disconcerting to think we might just be rodents in an exercise wheel, running as fast as we can but never getting anywhere. As we enter another election season, another opportunity to cast ballots for those who will represent us on local, state and federal levels, let’s see if we can choose people capable of doing more than taking us on another trip around the proverbial mountain.

By Niki Turner | editor@ht1885.com

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