Editor’s Column: Ringing in the new year

I used to be a compulsive resolution-maker. New Year’s Eve was often spent making lengthy lists of goals I hoped to keep in the coming year. Sometimes I even accomplished one or two of them, but the majority of them faded away by the end of January. 

It’s all well and good to wish and pray for change, or promise to change, but until we make a decision to change (for ourselves, not for anyone else) and take action in that direction, nothing of consequence will happen. Those action steps don’t have to be giant leaps forward for all of mankind, they just have to be baby steps made for you. 

Where do you want to go in 2022? (The answer can be literal or figurative.) Now, what step in that direction are you going to take?


We are humbled and grateful. You — our readers — came through for us in an astounding way. We not only met the $5,000 match, we exceeded it, and the credit goes to all of you. In the face of rising inflation, absurd gas prices, and the uncertainty of the pandemic, you offered your support, and we could not be more thankful. It’s another reminder for me of the kind of support — in good times and bad, in rejoicing and in grieving  — that defines who we are as a community, as a county, as a people. We set off into the new year encouraged and determined to continue bringing you the news you need. God bless you, each and every one. 

By NIKI TURNER – editor@ht1885.com