Editor’s Column: Stability

mug2016_2Stability can be defined in several ways: “The quality or state of something that is not easily changed or likely to change; The quality or state of something that is not easily moved; or the quality or state of someone who is emotionally or mentally healthy.” The third is perhaps what we should be aiming for in our communities: a state of health. As a community, emotional health might be seen as morale, and mental health could be economic vitality. How do we improve morale—vision and hope and positivity about the future? How do we improve our economic viability in a shaky world? I’m hearing a lot of ideas, a lot of interesting and promising ideas. It’s hard to keep up with all the plans and proposals that are already in play. I’m also hearing a lot of questions. That’s not a bad thing. In my opinion the best ideas are strengthened through thorough examination. As we approached the purchase of the newspaper, the most valuable questions we were asked came from folks who didn’t have anything to lose or gain by our decision. I took those questions to heart and found satisfactory answers. Today those questions (and their respective answers) motivate me on days when I wonder what on earth I’ve gotten myself into. I am convinced the people who are coming up with these ideas for progress and improvement, as well as the people who are asking questions about how we implement those plans, all want what’s best for our communities. If I’m right, that means we have more uniting us than dividing us, and that’s a positive sign for our future stability.