Editor’s Column: Thank you to the fire crews

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As I’m writing this on Tuesday evening, we’ve had a welcome—albeit brief—rainstorm pass through. The relief is tangible after weeks of hot, dry conditions and several days when it seemed our county was spontaneously combusting around us. Lord willing, any accompanying lightning hasn’t sparked more fires.

After two days of having the scanner stuck to my ear waiting for updates (husbands get annoyed when you keep pausing your 36 minute television program for two hours) and driving around chasing smoke, I’m tired, and I haven’t even gotten dirty. I can’t begin to imagine how our local responders—volunteer fire department, sheriff’s office and BLM crews—are feeling.

We’re grateful for their hard work, and ready to support them however we can. There is a list of donation materials on Page 1. We’re working to get fire info out to the public in a timely fashion via our Facebook page and website. When all our first responders are out on fires, getting that info is sometimes delayed.

Fire season is really just getting started. Keep our first responders and fire crews in your thoughts and prayers. Unless we start getting some significant soaking rains (without lightning for a garnish) they’re going to stay busy for the foreseeable future. We wish them the very best.