Ensight offers free low vision workshop June 20 in Meeker

Special to the Herald Times

MEEKER | Ensight Skills Center will host a presentation June 20 from 10 a.m.to 12 p.m. at the Meeker Library.

Learn about:

eye diseases

vision loss

low vision

demonstration of tools available to help individuals with low vision function more efficiently

better ways to do the activities you most value


adaptive devices: telephone key pads, talking clocks, magnifiers, computers, and other assistive technologies

safety issues and fall prevention

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a common eye disease. Even though it can be diagnosed in people under the age of 40, it is more prevalent for those in their 60’s and 70’s. People may begin to experience a gradual worsening of vision that can occur in one or both eyes prior to onset of macular degeneration. Because this is an incurable eye disease, it is important for seniors to have an ocular examination at regular intervals. Proper medical treatment may help to slow down your loss of vision. Learning to understand the most important facts about macular degeneration is a positive step in protecting your vision.

Signs of Macular Degeneration

1. Distorted Images – license plates may look askew.

2.  Lights at night may be glaring and swirling.

3. Dark or empty patches on the printed page – areas of whiteout on words and letters.

4. Difficulty seeing in dim light.

5. Difficulty differentiating colors – example: a light green flower on a darker green tree.

6. Hazy or cloudy vision at times.

7. Loss of visual acuity – it takes longer for the eye to read a sign.

8. Problems with fine perception – difficulty seeing faces, expressions or the fine details in a painting.

9. Watching television may be difficult.

If you have rapid onsets of any of the above signs…time to get a good eye exam. Macular Degeneration problems usually develop slowly over time.

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