ERBM keeps ‘pushing forward’

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MEEKER | There was an ERBM Recreation and Park District board meeting Tuesday, March 12, which focused on updates on current and future projects.

Circle Park Phase I: Pond Construction:

“We are very much in the design/permitting phase, working with our financial partners, etcetera,” Executive Director Sean VonRoenn said. “We are pushing forward to try to get a fall construction date, September/October.”

A major issue remains concerning the excavated material that must be removed. The Circle Park bridge is rated every year by CDOT as to structural soundness and was significantly downgraded this year from 39 tons to 18 tons. This makes using dump trucks out of the question. The two other options are either using a conveyor to move the material across the river or the more cost effective option of improving the cemetery trail road.

“That is why we are continuing to move forward with discussion with the cemetery district,” VonRoenn said. “From there we will be able to finalize design, legal (issues), water right application and permitting.”

Circle Park Phase II: West Pavilion and Other Improvements

Plans here include widening the circle drive, burying electrical lines, connecting walkways, upgrading fencing, improving landscaping and adding an entry sign. Discussion then turned to the planned west side pavilion. The big question, in fact, was whether or not a second pavilion is really all that important. There is already a pavilion in Phase I, so a second one comes down to need versus cost. Since Phase I is still in the planning stages, there is plenty of time to discuss Phase II.

Master Plan Review

Much of the meeting addressed future projects, projecting out as far as 10 years, in fact. In the next five years, for example, Capital Improvement Plans (CIP) include: fitness room flooring upgrade (2020); lounge/lobby improvements (2020); baseball field lighting (2020); lap pool resurfacing (2021); locker room flooring replacement (2021–22); improvements on 12th Street Foothills Park (2023) and 11th Street McHatten Park (2024); and design and construction of the Barone tennis courts (TBD).

All of this, of course, is just projection—it’s “up for grabs” as one board member put it. All these are subjects of future discussion and financial viability.

Other future goals, which can probably be considered “absolutes,” include (among others): promoting walking/biking opportunities and trail connectivity; providing recreation programs and services in response to community interest; raising awareness of all that through proactive communication and community engagement efforts; and dedication to the efficient use of resources.