ERBM to partner with school district for grant app

MEEKER | In response to a presentation by Meeker School Superintendent Chris Selle at it’s Feb. 19 meeting, the ERBM Board approved a letter of support to partner with the school on its pending DOLA grant application. The rationale for grant partnerships includes several factors.

Grants reduce taxpayer burden. Approval of grants is more likely when multiple entities partner/sponsor the application. This grant is specifically targeted to the auditorium that is used by many groups in the community, not just the school. Partnering on grants that support the community is considered a positive step for everyone.

Also discussed was the possibility of including the new gym in a partnered grant. Possibly a walking track above the bleachers open to the public could be a consideration. Board members wondered if ERBM could use the gym during the day. Per Selle, at this time, various complications would need to be resolved including security of outsider access, so just the auditorium is included in the pending grant application.

The board did not designate a specific dollar contribution pending receipt of further information to include specific costs, schedule, and plans for auditorium use. The DOLA application is due April 1.

In other business, the Circle Park project is moving ahead in Phase 1. The final site design is being tweaked. One of the challenges will be removing material from the site up the trail by the cemetery that is currently not wide enough or stable enough for heavy equipment to safely accomplish this step.

Barring unforeseen difficulties or weather complications, construction will start in September and continue into 2020. Planning for Phase II of Circle Park is also underway on a conceptual level that is under study and being refined.

The 2019 Membership Blitz was successful and continues a steady membership of about 450 members. Additionally, offering discounted memberships to emergency service and corporate personnel has added more than 100 new members with very positive feedback from these groups.

A hearty agenda of plans including a 10 year look back and 10 year look forward will be discussed at the board’s upcoming future planning workshop. These discussions will be held along with the regular board meeting on March 12.

By KAYE SULLIVAN | Special to the Herald Times