ERBM’s 2019 plans, projects, programs

MEEKER | An ERBM Recreation and Park District board meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 11 considered and passed several resolutions concerning budget, project plans and programs as the district looks toward 2019.


The ERBM Operations Budget for 2019 is $3.6 million, a 3 percent decrease from 2018 expenses. Operations includes three departments: administration, recreation and parks. Projected revenue, however, is a little less as well, due in part to the failure to acquire grant money towards the ball field lighting project.

The projected total revenue for 2019 is $3.84 million (down slightly from the estimated $3.9 million for 2018), but the projected total expenses for 2019 is $4.35 million (up from the estimated $3.72 million for 2018).

The resulting end balance for 2019 is projected to be $9.1 million (also down from 2018’s $9.62 million). This difference, however, appears minor when weighed against the projects that are slated for next year.


2019 will see some significant capital improvements. These include: Circle Park pond construction ($424,000); replacement of softball field lighting ($118,000, down from the $165,000 in Nov. 13 meeting); Circle Park Phase II planning ($60,000); small pool slide ($19,000); audio system improvements ($25,000); spa UV filter ($25,000); utility vehicle replacement ($45,000); and other minor repair and replacement items.


As ERBM is financed primarily by tax revenues, the board was required to pass a resolution to set the mill levy for 2019. Last increased in 2005 by 2.5 mills, it is currently at 5.699. With ERBM’s 2018 assessed valuation of just under $554.8 million, the mill levy remains at $3.16 million paid by the taxpayers.

Other income comes from memberships, activities, grants, product sales, interest and investments.


In an executive session during the Nov. 13 meeting, the board approved a 2 percent increase in salary for Executive Director Sean VonRoenn. It was the board’s view that his performance appraisal “exceeded expectations,” so the increase was adopted in the December meeting.


Also in the Nov. 13 meeting, the board addressed possible adjustments in the Corporate Membership Program. That was finalized in the December meeting. For public/government entities, the fee will be $2 per person, per day, while for private businesses it will be $1 per person, per day.

Free membership will be given to emergency service personnel, which includes Meeker PD, Sheriff’s Office, Fire District and other federal and state emergency service agencies personnel. As for families of those, one additional adult (18 years+) will be $100 and each child (under 18) will be $25.

There will also be a 50 percent discount for all military personnel, whether active or veteran.

The same discount will also be given to any “active adult” (age 55-plus) who registers for any adult program or activity, except those requiring the purchase of tickets or other fees from by an outside entity.


VonRoenn also updated the board concerning the Circle Park Pond Project. “We are looking at the project potentially starting next fall,” he said. “There are still many things to do in design, permitting and water rights before we can have shovels in the ground, but we are moving forward in earnest.”