Escaped Grand Junction prisoner captured Monday in parking lot of convenience store in Meeker

MEEKER — An escaped prisoner from a Colorado Community Corrections facility in Grand Junction was arrested Monday, along with an accomplice, in the Kum ‘N Go parking lot on the west edge of town.
The escaped prisoner was Jonathan Michael Grima, 34, who had been serving time since Oct. 24, 2007, on two charges of criminal trespassing. His accomplice was Brandon Ray Fox, 23, of Palisade, an Alsco delivery driver. They were taken to the Rio Blanco County Jail, before being transported to Mesa County on Tuesday.
After discovering Grima was missing from a work release program, authorities in Grand Junction tracked him to a convenience store there. He had been wearing an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet, but had used a knife to remove the device.
“When (authorities) got there, he wasn’t around,” said Rio Blanco County Undersheriff Mike Joos.
A video camera at the convenience store showed Grima cutting off the ankle bracelet and getting into an Alsco delivery truck. After checking with Alsco officials, authorities were told the driver of the truck was headed to Craig for a delivery.
“At the time, we didn’t know if the driver was a victim or hostage or what, but as turns out, he was an accomplice,” Joos said.
Grima and Fox stopped at the Kum ‘N Go in Meeker, apparently on their way to Craig.
“I was following them northbound toward Meeker,” Joos said. “We were going to stop them along the highway, but when they got to the Kum ‘N Go they turned into the parking lot.”
After stopping at the Kum ‘N Go, Fox exited the Alsco truck and was confronted by Joos.
“The driver got out by himself,” Joos said. “I asked him if he was OK, and he said, ‘Yeah.’ I asked him if there was anyone else in the van and he said, ‘Yeah, a co-worker.’ When I asked him the name of the co-worker, he said, ‘I don’t know.’ At that point, I knew something wasn’t right. I drew my gun and told him to get on the ground.
“I asked him if the person in the truck was armed,” Joos said. “He said, ‘Yes, he was hiding inside and he has a baseball bat.’ We announced ourselves and he (Grima) came out with his hands up. We didn’t find a baseball bat, but we did find a knife.”
Grima, as it turns out, has a relationship with Fox’s mother, Joos said.
“Grima, one of his previous offenses was domestic violence against Fox’s mother,” Joos said. “That’s how they knew each other. Apparently, they (Grima and Fox’s mother) are still together, as a couple. She lives in Junction. Grima was using her address as a mailing address.”
Fox, the driver of the vehicle, had a suspended driver’s license from Virginia, Joos said. He was charged with driving without a valid driver’s license. Fox was also charged with aiding an escape, a Class 3 felony.
Grima was charged with felony escape and is being held without bond. Fox is being held on $25,000 bond.