From My Window… Vote for broadband issue 1A; congrats Cowboys and Broncos

Sean McMahon, Editor
Sean McMahon, Editor
Whether I sit close to the window or with my nose pressed against the pane, the subject of local ballot initiative 1A, which would pave the way for Rio Blanco County to get broadband, is clear as a bell a winning proposition.

It’s free, and it will improve just about every facet of life in Rio Blanco County. It could mean more high school and college classes being offered through distance education and it could attracting more business. Broadband could make your Internet faster, make cell phone service more reliable, make the county safer through broader and speedier interaction with emergency services and it could improve all facets of communication within the county.
That is a real bonus! And did I mention it is free?
Ballot issue 1A is critical to the development of high-speed digital telecommunications technology that will be implemented throughout Rio Blanco County.
State law prohibits government entities from competing with private business. And rightfully so.
But since the big and small carriers have said it makes no sense business-wise for them to bring broadband into Rangely, Meeker or the county because of our sparse population, the door is open for the county to negotiate with several entities to bring broadband to our homes, businesses and our wireless communications.
With voter approval, the commissioners could pursue the development of broadband technology, which would otherwise be prohibited by an old state statute that reserves this right only to private enterprise—unless voters exempt their governmental entity from the law, permitting the local government to provide such services.
A number of other rural communities in Colorado have already voted to implement this exemption.
This county has started an innovative approach to combine government and private resource providers to join hands to offer such services
No one has come out against 1A, and there is no reason anyone would fight against this measure.
It is a win/win situation for all involved and will make many aspects of our life much better, much safer, much faster and much more efficient.
If you really take a look, all facets of communications, daily life, many facets of entertainment and on and on, including area companies ordering from out-of-town services or suppliers, to quicker Internet or even computer games, broadband touches just about everything we don’t do face to face.
A bold “Vote Yes to 1A” is the recommendation here, and that will set the cogs rolling to help bring Rio Blanco County as well as Meeker and Rangely residents into the 21st century.
Broadband is also one of the major components businesses look for when looking to locate in any city or town.
Vote! Vote early! And vote “yes” on proposition 1A.
Did I mention it was free?
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Speaking of football, it was a great weekend all around for the Meeker Cowboys, who were able to take heavy advantage of Grand Valley and run away with their Homecoming game.
The uplifted Meeker High students seemed to bring their upbeat spirit with them to the Homecoming dance on Saturday night, when the students really seemed to be having a great time, even line dancing to hard rock.
Ah, how the days have changed over the years.
Congratulations Cowboys!
From powderpuff football, to window decorating and on to car smashing, it was truly a fun week.
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One of the ballot issues county voters will face this election is whether to retain 9th Judicial District Judge Denise K. Lynch, who serves Rio Blanco County as well as Garfield and Pitkin counties.
Lynch earned her bachelor of arts degree at Michigan State University in 1979 and her law degree from the Thomas M. Cooley School of Law in 1982, having been graduated first in her class.
She engaged in private practice as a trial lawyer from 1983 to 2001. In 2001, she began working as an assistant county attorney for Garfield County and continued that work until her appointment to the bench in 2006.
The 9th Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance reviewed survey data from a cross-section of respondents: appellate court judges, court staff, law enforcement employees, jurors, litigants and lawyers.
The commission review Lynch’s caseload data, her self-evaluation and three opinions written and issued by her. Some commission members also observed her in court and conducted a personal interview.
Of all attorneys surveyed about retention, 79 percent recommended Lynch be retained, 14 percent recommended not to retain and 7 percent made no recommendation.
Of all non-attorney respondents, 92 percent recommended retention, with 77 percent “strongly recommending retention” 4 percent made no recommendation and 4 percent recommended not to retain.
Attorneys commented that Lynch’s strengths include her diligence and efficiency and particularly appreciate her prompt issuance of rulings.
Non-attorneys commented that her many strengths include qualities of fairness, kindness and compassion.
The Ninth Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance unanimously recommended by a vote of 10-0 that Judge Denise K. Lynch be retained, a recommendation that should be followed.
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Speaking of football, it was a real lift on Sunday night to watch Peyton Manning take the Denver Broncos to a great victory over a tough San Francisco 49ers team.
And it was a fan’s greatest dream to see the Bronco offense and defense playing a solid game for all 60 minutes. That is something the fans haven’t seen from the Broncos this season.
It was also wonderful to see the San Diego Chargers, who had been running a half game ahead of the Broncos, lose on Sunday afternoon to the Kansas City Chiefs. Now the Broncos stand a half game in front in the AFC West as the Chargers haven’t had their bye week yet.
Let’s also hope that this past weekend’s play holds through tonight’s matchup against the Chargers so the Broncos end up with a one and a half game lead.
It was nearly miraculous the way Peyton Manning picked apart the 49ers and threw his 507th, 508th, record-setting 509th and his 510th touchdown passes to become the NFL’s all-time leader in touchdowns thrown.
No matter who your favorite NFL team is, that landmark is impressive and you have to praise the guy for what he has done, especially for having lost a year two years ago with the neck surgery he underwent.
But to a Bronco fan, which I have been since the team began in 1960, it is particularly inflating to see that happen to “our team’s” leader.
I remember how impressed I was with John Elway when he won the second straight Super Bowl and did a tremendous job leading the Broncos. I remember rejoicing when I saw Elway throw his last touchdown as a Bronco and thinking, “Wow. That’s 300 touchdown passes.”
But when you think of all the great years Elway had as Denver’s signal caller and he ended up with exactly 300 TD passes, what an accomplishment it is for Manning, who now has 510 and going for more.
Thank you Mr. Elway. A huge thank you to Mr. Manning. We Denver Bronco fans wish we had been able to obtain Mr. Manning years earlier.
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Come election time, there is no group of people in Rio Blanco County who are working longer or harder that the Rio Blanco County Clerk and Recorder’s Office in Rangely and Meeker.
You and I as common folk don’t normally see all the red tape, formality, security and advance paperwork that the workers in the clerk and recorder’s office perform in advance of the elections. Primary elections are tough; general elections are like an angry bear.
During the primary election, getting the final count of local votes, including those that had to be driven to Meeker from Rangely before they could be counted, took until roughly 11:30 p.m. even though voting was complete by 7 p.m.
Anything that we voters can do to speed up the process means quicker voting results, but could mean the difference between a 12-hour day, which would like please everyone in the elections office, and a 16-hour day.
The request from the Herald Times and from the Rio Blanco County Clerk and Recorder’s Office is that voters from one end of the county to the other, please file or mail in your ballot soon as possible. Also please remember, the ballot has to be in the hands of the Clerk and Recorder’s office by 7 p.m. on the evening of the election.
A postmark on Election Day, which is Nov. 4, will make your ballot invalid and your vote will not count.
Mail early; the voting process is speeded up quite a bit in Rio Blanco County when the ballots come in early.
And regardless of who you vote for or which amendments or proposals or even endorsements you vote for or deny, please make plans to vote in this election. Even if for only one candidate or on one election issue.
Your vote does count!