Final summer rodeo tonight; tight race for top spot

Kasey Rosendahl took first place in ranch broncs at the Aug. 13 rodeo. The last rodeo of the season starts at 7 p.m. tonight, Aug. 20. —KIM EKSTROM

MEEKER | The word is out, the Meeker Summer Rodeo Series finals is the place to be this week. The series is tight in all the competitions but the bull riding is going out with a bang. For the second week in a row the bull riding saw no winners and the purse is now $2,000 and has attracted some top winners in the NFR. Coming to Meeker this week is Clayton Savage, who has made multiple appearances in the NFR from Banner, Wyoming, with winnings exceeding $800,000, and two guys from down under, Seth Green from Sydney, Australia, and Dylan Rice from New South Wales, Australia.

Last week tightened the points in many of the events and here are the Aug. 13 results:

Ranch Broncs: Kasey Rosendahl

No. 8 Team Roping: Taylor Ping and Rylie Hutton

Mixed Team Roping: Samantha Kujala and Kevin Wahlert

No. 11 team Roping: Cody Edinger and JD Slagowski

Open Team Roping: Joe Wood and JD Slagowski

Jr/Sr Team Roping: Cody Edinger and Deana Wood

Dally Ribbon Roping: Ryan Vroman and Ty Ivey

Open Breakaway: JD Slagowski

Ladies Breakaway: Katie Parker

Open Barrels: Hayden Kraft

Junior Barrels: Deana Wood

In the standings bull riding is a really tight race going into the finals, according to Tyler Farris. “The top four contenders could step up and really do something if they ride or somebody that’s been at nine rodeos could really step up and win it and overtake everybody. It’ll be something really interesting to watch this year.”

The top bull riders are:

Ty Pint

Clay Durham

 Justin Wilkison 

 Logan Durham  

In the other events here are the top contenders:

Mixed pair roping:

 Raelynn Toon and Lenny Klinglesmith

 Loriann Klinglesmith and Joe Wood  

The Dally Ribbon Roping is closed out with the father/daughter duo of Joe and Leah Wood taking that one.

Open pair roping will come down to the last rodeo to figure out who will be the number one healer, Joe Wood has taken the top spot in heading.

Heeling standings:

 Mitch Walls 

 JD Slagowski 

 Kash Atwood

No. 8 roping

 Sheridan Harvey and Kash Atwood 

 Loriann Klinglesmith and Lenny Klinglesmith

No. 11 roping:

 Joe Wood and Kash Atwood 

 Lane Anderson and JD Slagowski

Ladies breakaway has the top six sitting very close, and any one of them could take it:

 Beverly Salazar

 Loriann Klinglesmith 

 Marley Hammer

 Aber Salazar

 Paula Cooper

 Leah Wood 

Open breakaway is also extremely close with the top four slots. This Thursday will determine who is champion:

 Paula Cooper

 Marley Hammer

 Catherine Edwards

 Amber Salazar

Open barrels 

 Miranda Hammer

 J’Leah Richardson

 Marley Hammer 

Junior barrels

 Cyleee Dunsmore 

 Deana Wood

”The finals this year is such a tight race in almost every event that it should be extremely exciting to find out who our champions are this year,” commented Farris, ”this is definitely the tightest race we have ever had in the Meeker Summer Rodeo history.” The finals begin at 7 p.m.

By TIFFANY JEHOREK | Special to the Herald Times