Fire preparedness: are you ready?

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Advance Preparation Checklist

❏ Prepare an emergency plan using the five P’s–people, pets, prescriptions, papers and priceless items should all be accounted for.
❏ Assemble an emergency kit (
❏ Clear away all flammable vegetation from within 30 feet or more of your home. Also, clear 10 feet from propane tanks.
❏ Cut plywood covers for glass doors, windows, and vents.
❏ Stack firewood away from your home and garage.

When Fire Threatens Checklist

Outside Your Home

❏ Seal up attic and ground vents with precut plywood.
❏ Remove containers of combustible trash from the area.
❏ Have garden hose hooked up and ready for use.

Inside Your Home

❏ Close all windows and doors. Also close interior doors to prevent circulation of air and movement of fire from room to room.
❏ Remove lightweight curtains from windows as they may ignite from heat radiation. However, heavily-lined drapes or venetian blinds pulled down will help keep out heat. If there is time, move all flammable furnishing to the center of the room away from glass windows and doors.
❏ Gather up your pets so you do not have to search for them at the last minute.
❏ Make sure your emergency kit is assembled and ready to go with you in the event you are evacuated.
❏ Keep your radio tuned to a local station for reports and evacuation information.
❏ Check your emergency plan and make sure all preparation is done and/or accounted for.
❏ Fill bathtub, sink and/or containers with water.

Your Car

❏ Park your car in garage headed out.
❏ Leave the keys in the ignition.
❏ Close garage door, but leave unlocked.
❏ If you do not have a garage, park vehicles in the direction of escape.
❏ Close all windows so airborne sparks and embers cannot enter.
Last Minute Countdown Checklist
❏ Load emergency kit and other preplanned belongings into the car.
❏ Know where you are going in advance.
❏ Evacuate to a safe location.