Flood study, water rights and more on agenda for Rangely


The council approved Town Manager Peter Brixius’ execution of a fact sheet/study memo regarding the RBC Risk Map Supplemental Flood study required by the state and FEMA. The study involves conducting new flood hazard analyses and special flood hazard area designations for North Elk Creek and College Canyon Draw. Brixius said they are also looking at the capacity of the culvert under White Ave. Preliminary surveying has already begun and results are expected sometime in 2020.

The council does not have any obligations to accept the results of the study.


The town is submitting an Application for Water Rights to demonstrate a finding of reasonable diligence in the development of the remaining 1.1 cfs conditional right of the full 3.1 cfs at the Rangely Sewage Treatment Plant Discharge. The rights must be defended every six years.


Amendment 71, which passed in 2016, requires that any citizen initiative on the state ballot must have a petition signed by at least 2 percent of the registered voters from each of the state’s 35 senate districts. The amendment has been challenged in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals and the council agreed to sign on to an Amicus Brief in support of the amendment. AGNC is supporting the amendment as well.


Board member Andy Key talked about Dinosaur National Monument where he said visits are up by around 80 percent. He commended Stewart Welding who recently donated a bike rack to the park.


Brixius informed the board that the Enefit utility corridor has entered a public comment period. Mayor Andy Shaffer discussed the importance of thinking creatively about how to bring the workers into Rangely. He mentioned working with the commissioners to improve roads from the project site on Evacuation Creek to Rangely and potentially offering incentives.


Brixius also talked about potential vaping regulations and asked the council to direct him if they were interested in passing an ordinance. New councilman Rich Garner said he was unaware that there was currently much of a vaping problem.


The RDA, RDC and Rangely Planning and Zoning Boards each currently have one vacancy.